Vacation Villas

Stay in the most exclusive vacation villas has never been as simple

Exclusive, luxurious & the most important iconic vacation villas. Choose extraordinary

We have more than 500 luxurious & iconic vacation villas you can choose from, each and every we carefully picked and personally visited through – out the years since 2015th on

From lavish villas on an island of Mykonos bleached by the mythical Greek sun,

Luxurious barefoot lifestyle in the ocean front villas of Tulum, Mexico

Or the iconic villas of an island that always dances, Ibiza

Yours is to simply inquire by letting us know of the capacity of your group, your special requirements, whether you would like to have a peaceful experience or a fully vibrant one and ours is to send you the options in order to meet your expectations and choose your home away from home for the most pleasant experience ever

Ānavi Destinations

We do not work through any other booking platform, we are in direct touch with the owners of the villas and their management teams so we are fully confident in providing you a perfectly smooth arrival and the more important, memorable stay in each of our rental properties